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Technology sector: finance your R&D with the RDC1 Technologies Fund

Technology sector: finance your R&D with the RDC1 Technologies Fund

May 8, 2019

Technology sector: finance your R&D with the RDC1 Technologies Fund

Businesses involved in technology, particularly information technology, now have access to an innovative financing solution: the RDC1 Technologies Fund. 

Launched in September 2018 by R&D Capital, the RDC1 Technologies Fund allows businesses to quickly and easily secure financing of refundable tax credits for research and development (R&D). This includes the Quebec Tax Credit for the Development of E-Business (TCEB) and the federal Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit.

These tax incentives are popular in Quebec as they can represent up to 65% of R&D expenditures. This makes La Belle Province a very attractive place for technological companies to do business.

Eligible companies usually claim these precious tax credits when doing their income tax returns. However, it takes several months for the money to arrive. In the meantime, the companies need to figure out how to cover their expenses.

This is where RDC1 Technologies comes in. “We can advance the funds each quarter, helping our clients carry on with their business while waiting to receive their tax credits for the salaries of employees who have contributed to research and development,” said Pierre Binette, President and Founder of R&D Capital.

Loan amounts can range from $80,000 to $1,000,000. Financing costs are competitive.

High-tech industry expertise

R&D Capital’s expertise has been well established for 15 years and is recognized by the Canadian Revenue Agency and the Quebec Revenue Agency. Over 1,700 companies across Canada have benefited from the customized financing solutions of this Montreal-based institution. However, R&D Capital wanted to deepen its high-tech knowledge, which is why it created the RDC1 Technologies Fund.

“Entrepreneurs need to speak to financial advisors who understand the technological and scientific challenges of their industry. We bring expertise. We’re not just bankers!” said Mr. Binette.

This innovative approach has proven well-founded. About a dozen projects are currently associated with the Fund, and the loans amount to several million dollars.

Building on this major success, R&D Capital will launch in September 2019 a fund destined for the biopharmaceutical sector.

Have questions about the RDC1 Technologies Fund? Want to find out if your projects are eligible?

Click here (link) or call Pierre Binette at 514-798-0493.

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