Over the years, R&D Capital has developed innovative financial products and loans to finance refundable tax credits and assist Canadian businesses in their development efforts.

Here are the basic parameters used to determine a business' eligibility for a loan from R&D Capital:

  • The business must meet the standards of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and/or the Agence du revenu du Québec (ARQ) or any other provincial revenue agency; and

  • It must be eligible for refundable tax credits such as those provided for scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED).
    See the Information section for the complete list.

Loans adapted to your business’ life cycle

R&D Capital works with businesses in all phases of their life cycle. Our range of customers extends from startups with limited income to mature businesses managing substantial change.

Loan forms

Below are links that will enable you to screen and/or print the following forms, which we need to open a file for you

Application for R&D Capital financing

Information/documents required

Details of government remittances

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