FAQ - R&D Capital
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, our experts can identify the projects qualifying for refundable tax credits.
In almost all cases, we are the first institutional lenders to finance young start-ups.

No, R&D Capital finances tax credits starting at $75,000 and up to $3,000,000 per company. Our financing offers are often for two years for small claims of less than $100,000.

Yes, absolutely, and this is what sets us apart. Since R&D Capital finances ongoing projects, the company’s liquidity increases substantially and the shareholders do not have to invest as much.

No it’s not, because we process the applications for financing differently from banks. R&D Capital finances receivable assets (tax credits), without the traditional ratio covenant, which enables us to finance start-ups not yet producing revenues.

It is a very quick process. No bank can meet the financing needs of a company in 10 or 15 days like R&D Capital.

The line of credit on tax credits is the best way to finance current projects. The loan is fiscal-year specific.

It is very simple: we offer loans using the companies’ tax credits as a guarantee. Since we are a financial institution recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Québec, tax credits are refunded directly by the government. Certain guarantees may be required, but each file is handled on a case-by-case basis.

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