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CO2 Solutions

CO2 Solutions

October 10, 2017

CO2 Solutions

The Company

CO2 Solutions is a high technology company operating in the area of carbon dioxide capture and management. More specifically, the company currently seeks to commercialize an enzyme-based enabling technology for efficient CO2 capture from fossil-fuelled thermal power plants and other major CO2 emitters.


Issues and Opportunities

The company called upon our services to finance their refundable provincial tax credits. This financing greatly helped them to meet their short-term liquidity requirements.

“Such financing is not available from commercial banks, and tax credits are only received once the tax return is filed with the government at the end of the fiscal year.”



“We recommend R&D Capital to all Research and Development companies that submit significant SR&ED claims.
R&D Capital provides an excellent short-term financing opportunity which would otherwise not be available for SR&ED credits.”

This financing enabled the company to continue its research projects and support ongoing operations.

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