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October 10, 2017


The Company

Sednove is a company that develops innovative digital solutions incorporating the best practices of the industry and its partners. Secure applications, scalable and tailored to your environment.


Issues and Opportunities

Sednove has created a platform called Extenso which enables the development of customized applications that can suit your needs, without the constraints of existing software. This was possible thanks to Sncode, a compiler language written for the web.

Using Extenso allows the development of customized web applications, for the clients, from a simple web site to applications such as ERP systems.

It is in this context that the company decided to use the services of R&D Capital to finance their tax credits in SR&ED and TCEB.



“With R&D Capital, the advantage is that the financing actually works like a line of credit: you only pay for what you use.”

With the financing, Sednove was able to carry on their research and development activities to keep enhancing the development capabilities of their Extenso system.

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